Monday, September 22, 2014

August/September 2014

SCF Libraries
Suggestion Box Comments & Library Responses

Dates:  August/September 2014
Campus:  Venice

DVD Requests
Girls (Season 3) - HBO

Thank you for your suggestion, This set has not been released yet, but the Library will purchase it when is available.
Scandal 1, 2, 3

Thank you for your suggestion. We will order this DVD sets.

Book Requests
Please expand the philosophy section. Selections are very limited, and I was unable to find a book dealing with specific writers and ideas. Specifically, aesthetic theory and philosophies of the enlightenment.
Thank you for your suggestions.  We will look into adding more titles to that section. You might also check our collection of online resources, including e-books. Please ask a librarian for assistance in finding more.
Vonnegut, Thoreau, Tsarkovsky, King.
Thank you for your suggestions. We will look into ordering some of these.

Other comments/requests
Audiobooks / Books on tape to listen as we go from campus to campus.
Audiobooks are available through our “Overdrive” collection. You can find it under “Databases A-Z” or ask a Librarian to show you how to access them.
Thank you!
I wish I didn’t have to walk back and forth from the Library to the Writing Center 3 times a day when I am writing my paper.
Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you are using both the Library and Writing Center resources and sorry that is not convenient for you at this point.